Ipoh, Perak

Ipoh is a hill city located in Kinta district, and is the state capital and administrative center of Perak, Malaysia. The city is located about 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur and south of Penang, is the third largest city in central Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur.


The city of Ipoh which is the capital of the state of Perak actually has many interesting tourist treasures to visit. The atmosphere, architecture & places of interest in Ipoh are some very unique & destinations like this are not found in other major cities in Malaysia.


The hotel locations in Ipoh are also actually strategic for you to visit all the interesting destinations as shared below. It’s actually fun to vacation in Ipoh because you can visit various tourist destinations with various concepts or themes, whether it’s historical areas, waterfalls, limestone caves, amusement parks, jungle parks, etc.


Top Attractions

√ Museum of Geology

√ Lost World of Tambun

√ Mount Lang Recreation Park

√ Zoo Taiping & Night Safari

√ Art of Old Town & Ipoh Heritage Trail

√ Kinta River Front

√ Ipoh Rust Market (Memory Lane Ipoh)

√ Gunung Rapat Mirror Lake


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Ipoh City, is malaysia third largest city in the country with a population of over 710,000 people and a gateway to the Cameron Highlands. Ipoh is the capital city of Perak state on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. There are 5 nicknames for ipoh: The Town Built on Tin and City of Millionaires referring to the vast fortunes made during the boom of the tin-mining industries. Affectionately called Paloh till today by the local Chinese, referring to the gigantic mining pumps used for early tin ore extraction. The Bougainvillea City referring to Bougainvillea as the symbol flower of the city. The Hill City referring to Ipoh being central and surrounded by hills. But now most the people called Paloh and The Hill City became a town name.


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